Minnesota Appellate Courts
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Welcome to P-MACS - the case management system of the Minnesota Appellate Courts

This is the public access site for the Minnesota appellate courts case management system, known as P-MACS. It provides access to the status of appeals filed with the Minnesota Supreme Court and the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

For cases that were open in either the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court on March 3, 2003 and later, P-MACS provides the following information about the case: case title, appellate case number, parties, attorneys, docket entries, and links to orders or opinions issued in the case after March 3, 2003. For cases that were archived before March 3, 2003, only case title, case number and abbreviated party information are available.

While court staff updates case information daily and make every attempt to enter case information in a timely manner, there are occasional delays between receiving documents and entry of case information into the MACS database.

While every attempt has been made to ensure that the information provided through P-MACS is accurate, there are no warranties ensuring accuracy. To verify information obtained from this site, or to obtain appeal information not available on this site, please contact the Office of the Clerk of Appellate Courts (651) 296-2581.

P-MACS can be viewed using either the Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser. It may also work with other browsers.

Comments, suggestions and questions regarding P-MACS are welcome. Please note that all comments and suggestions will be reviewed, but a personal response to all submissions may not be possible. ** Email Support ** mailto: pmacs.support@courts.state.mn.us

NOTE: For most efficient viewing of the P-MACS, your screen resolution setting should be at least 1024x768. PMACS 2.7